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  • Conduct a complete a inspection and policy/claim review For FREE!
  • Review your policy coverage’s, requirements & deadlines.
  • We obtain a photo report, document damages, sketch home and obtain all documentation required to prepare an official estimate.
  • File an insurance claim with your insurance carrier and submit all necessary documentation to start the process.
  • Coordinate all inspections with any and all insurance company adjusters, contractors, or engineers.
  • Attend all mediation and appraisals should there be a dispute.

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    Indeminity Public Adjusting Group

    Commercial & Residential Adjusters

    Commercial Customers

    If your commercial business has a loss, we'll review all your policies for complete benefits and exclusions to make sure you get the maximum coverage for your settlement.

    Residential Customers

    If you discover a loss, we'll meet with you and your insurance representatives on your behalf to vigorously pursue a timely, fair, and legitimate outcome.

    When an insurance claim is submitted, your insurance company dispatches an adjuster who evaluates and reviews your loss. PROBLEM: The Insurance Adjuster represents the insurance company and NOT your best interest.

    A Public Adjuster is to insurance claims what an accountant is to taxes or an hired attorney is to lawsuits. Having professional representation ensures the best outcome for a favorable decision on your behalf.

    We provide a complete detailed estimate of what is required to repair or rebuild the damaged area. We help you navigate through your policy coverage and the deadlines required by your insurance policy. We conduct a complete evaluation of all your damaged property and compile forensic evidence to support your claim. We prepare the documents required for your (business interruption, loss of use, and/or)  additional living expenses claim.

    We engage the services of engineers, construction consultants, and financial consultants to support your claim.

    Coordinate all inspections with contractors and insurance company adjusters, and meet with your insurance company as YOUR representative to have your claim settled fairly and equitably.

    It's best to call Indemnity PA Group as soon as possible after you notice the damage for the best claim outcome. The sooner you make a claim, the sooner you can start the repair, remediation, and recovery process. Call Indemnity PA Group immediately after any damages or losses or even for a free inspection to ensure you have no damage.

    Indemnity PA Group has the ability to re-open previously filed claims for both commercial and residential property owners. Even if they were previously denied or underpaid. If you are the property owner and you filed a claim yourself without using a Public Adjuster, chances are, you may be not been not fully compensated for all of your damages. Call Indemnity PA Group to schedule a complimentary claim review and assessment of your property...even if its already been repaired.

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